A fully-enclosed liquid emulsion membrane emulsion maker

A fully-enclosed liquid emulsion membrane emulsion maker

This utility model disclosed a fully enclosed liquid emulsion membrane emulsion maker, which is made up of a barrel, turbulence blades, obturator, feeding inlet, outlet, agitator and control devices. The inlet and outlet are respectively set at the up and down parts of the barrel and connected to the barrel body which is equipped with turbulence blades on its inner wall. The agitator and control device are located in the middle of the barrel, and area between the agitator and control device and the up wall is sealed through the obturator. Whole emulsion process is carried out under a fully enclosed environment to realize effective, stable, and economical operation, which makes the emulsion membrane produced with uniform and stable drop sizes. It can be used in liquid membrane production. The emulsion membrane produced by this utility model may achieve stable extraction ratio in the process of emulsion membrane extraction.

Application number: 201020216816.5